Misconception: Jews were originally a nomadic people.
Truth: The Jews were always a sedentary people.

It is part of the disinformation against the Jewish people to portray Abraham and other people in Jewish history as if they were wandering Bedouins wearing Arab garb - a ludicrous situation as keffiyahs were first worn in Israel by Arab marauders in the early 19th century, and galabiyehs were first worn in Israel by Egyptian Arabs who arrived in the 1940s. Abraham lived most of his life in the cities of Ur-Kasdim and Haran. In his old age he became a stock farmer and lived the rest of his life on what we would today call ranches. His dwelling was an ohel, a traditional "tent" of the time used by farmers living outside walled cities. Artwork from the period reveals these to be dwellings constructed from wood and cloth with a central pillar, not Bedouin style tents. He and his descendants Isaac and Jacob and their families had large settled households with many servants. Hardly a nomadic people.

Some point to the Israelites in Sinai and describe them as nomads, but this was a temporary refugee situation not a normal part Israelite culture.